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The Concordances to the Malaga Corpus of Late Middle English Scientific Prose

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& a a a bate a batid a batyth a bidynge a boue a bouȜte a bout a boute a bouten a boutt a bove a bowtyn a brode a brood a broode a cale a combred a corden a cordinge a day a doun a euene A for seyd a fore a fore saide a fore seide a foren a foresaid a foresaide a foreseid a foreseíde a foreside a forn a forn said a forn saide a forne a forne saide a forne Þat a fornesaid a fornsaid a fornsaide a forse a forseíd a forseíde a forsyng a fyre a Ȝenst A grippa A lectwarie a long a lysse a monge a morewen a morwe a nointe a noncte a none a noon a noone a noÞer A noÞere a noÞir A noynte a noynted a noyntement a ny Ȝt a nyt Ȝ a oÞere a peirid a postum a scape a seene a sene a side a slepe a stonyed a swagied a swagyth a Þurst a twix a twíxe a two a twoo a waie a waẏ a waẏe a weíe a wey a weẏe a yen a yene a<e>rs a<l>so a~forne aaron Aarow Aarus ab ab lucions abaitid abasket abate abated abaten abatene abates abateÞ abatethe abatid abatinge abatiÞ abatyng abatyth abay abayle abbas abbate abbated abbatene abbatis abbatith Abbeston abbis abed abel aberyng Abesom abhominacion abhominacioun abhomynabil abhomynable abhomynacioun abhorti abide abiden abideÞ abidethe abidiÞ abidyng abil abilite Abirchen abisi Ablaqueacioun ablaqueate Ablaquyate able Ablucions ablucíoun ablucíouns abomynacioun abone aboor aborchi aborthi aborthi. abou aboue aboue said abouen Abough abought abouȜte aboundaunce Aboundaunt abounde aboundeÞ aboundinge about aboute abouten abouyn above aboven abovyn abowe abowt abowte abowtt abrasen abraunche abrode abronde Abrood abroode abrook Abrotanum abschynthij abscinth abscinthij absconditum abscynthi abscynthij abscynthium Abscẏnthyi absence absentet absinthiate absinthij absinthio Absinthium absolute absona abstayne absteine abstene abstenyd abstercíoun abstercyoun abstersioun abstersíue abstersíues abstertiue absteyn absteyne absteyned Absthin abstinence abstynence abstynense Absynthiat absẏnthij Absynthium abulbe abundant abundaunce abundaunt abuve abyde abydeÞ abydyng abydyth ac acacía acacie Acantum Acaprasis Acarasca acasia acasie accacie accacion accacioun accarnes accasía accasioun accede acceden accedit Accelerent accendi acces access accesse accharnes Accharnys accharrnes accidence accident accident ly accidentall accídentel accídentellye accidentens accidentes• accídentí accidentis accidentlẏ accídentlye accidentẏ accio accioun accioune acciouns accipe acclyned accomoda accorde accorded accorden accordeÞ accordin according accordinge accordith accordyn accordyng accordyth accorun accusat accydent ace Acedula acermu acesse Aceti aceto acetosa acetose acetositatis acetosum Acetum Ach Achalife ache acheke aches achorus acincuma ack ackernes ackth acoldyth Acondit acoold acord acorde acorden acordeÞ acording acordínge acordiÞ acordyn acordyng acordynge acordyth acori acorie Acoris Acornẏs Acorus acounte acounted acquiret acquireÞ acquyte acressiÞ acri acris Acthe Acticus Actis actractifi actuel actus acualia acuaria acubit acuite aculiphe acumen acumine acurye acuta acutarum acute acutum acyllea ad Adamandston Adamaund Adartis adaubed aday addar addatur adde added adden addendo adder addeÞ addícíoun addiciouns addid additament additamente additamentes addite addre addres address Addristuncte addrys adduced addyn ademaunt adgranus adhuste adhustioun Adianter adianthos adiantos adiapenydion adiche adintorio adioyneth adipibus adiuncta Adiutorium admíníster administerd administracioun admissure admittendis admixtion admixtioun admoued admyxt Admyxtioun adolescentis Adonaẏ adoptat ador adouer adoun Adounward Aduemat aduirote aduned adure aduri adurit adustam aduste adustion adustioun adustíue adustíues adustiun adustyon adustyoun adustyun adyanthos aer aerbe aerij af af-tir Afeerdful aferd afere afewe affadille affalle affecte affectus afferme affermeÞ affermith affermyth afficit affinite affligit affluense affodell affodiles Affodille affodilles Affodilli Affodillus affodẏl affodẏlli affore afforisiues afforismes afforismus afforysmus affray affr[i]cane affricanus Affrodillus affter affterward afftẏr affyrmyth afleike aflour afodyll afoote afor afor se afore afore honde afore saide afore sayd afore seid afore seide afore seyd afore seyde afore. aforeise aforesaid aforesaide aforesayd aforesayde aforeseíd aforeseíde aforeseyd aforn aforn sayde aforn seid aforne aforneseide afornsaid afornsaide aforseíd aforseide aforseÞ aforseẏd afraien afraieÞ aft after after ~ after noon after Þat After ward after warde afterberden aftere afterward afterwarde afteward aftír aftir Þat aftir ward aftír warde aftirlong aftirward aftirwarde aftour aftur aftur noon aftur Þat afturward aftyr Aftyr ward Agapis aȜarabaccara aȜaram agare agaric agarice agarici agarico Agaricus agarik agar[ike] aȜarum agaryk agayn age aged aȜeen aȜein aȜeíne aȜeinewarde aȜeinwarde agemme aȜen aȜene aȜens aȜenus ages agew aȜeyn aȜeyne aggeracíouns aggregacions aggregatíues agia agis agitacioun agnaẏlis agni Agnus agnus castus ago aȜour Agradiadema agraffe agreek agregacioun Agrennllatum agresta Agreste agrestis agrestum agri Agriacam Agricultura agrimoine agrimoma Agrimonia agrippa agrymonie agu ague agues agulẏng agumme• agummeoÞer agyd agys aier aimers ainalis airys aisch aische aischen Aisches aischis aisedl aisel ait ake akele akelen akelyn aken aker akeÞ aking akinge akir akiÞ akke akkep akkes akkeÞ akkeÞis akkeÞs akkornes akornes akorous akren akrene akthe Akthes akyn Akynde akyng akynge akynges akyngge akyÞ al al most al so al to gedere al to gidere alabaster alabastre alabastri Alabastro alabastrum alabaustre alabaustri Alacion alay alba Albe Albescens Albextum albi albicalis Albigenius albilla albis Alblody albo albugenosus albugine albuginem albugineus albuginosi albuginosus albuginoẏs albula album Albumen albus AlbЗẏ Alcanna Alcee alchites Alcloos alcoatim alday ale Alectuarie alegged Alegoribus alemandis alemaund alemaunde alemaundes alemaundis alemaundys alemaunt alembík alete alexanddrinum alexander Alexandere alexandre Alexandri Alexandrina alexandrinam Alexandrine Alexandrini alexandrinum alexandrye alfice alforleue algarab algate algates algatis algattis algatys Algda algon algorem alhol alhoot alia Alica alie alienacioun alight alíȜte alijs alimenti alinge alipiades alipiados Alipta Alisaunder alisaundere alisaunderes alisaunders alisaundre alisinthij alite Alitil alittudiem Alius alkakengi alkali alkalie alkaly alkalye Alkenet alkengi all all most all so All ÞouȜ all Þough all way alla allaye alle Alleluya allemaund allemounde allente alleone alleonelie alleonelye aller alletogider alletogidere Alleum alliaunce allica allight allinges Allipiades allium alllonelie alloene alloes alloes aromac Allog allone allonelie allonely allonelye allonlẏ Allopes Allopicia Allopiciam allse allso Alltea allum allume allumen allumme allway allwey allweye allweys allys Almand almandes almandis almandys almaund almaunde almaundes Almaundis almaunt Almauntre almerye almest almondis almost almoste almounde almoundes almyghti almyghty almẏȜtẏ almyʒty Aloe aloen aloene aloes aloes cicatryn aloes epatik aloes tree alofte alom alone alone/ alonelye along Alongne alooes aloon aloone aloonly alowe alowed Alpaltum Alphica alraw Alrewort als alsad Also also longe alsoft alsone as AlsoÞer alsso alsydes alta alte altea altee alteracions alteracíoun alteraciouns alterate alteratifes alteratyfs alterutrum altherworst Although altitude alto alto gedre alto gidere alto gidre altogedere altogidere altole Alu-men alum alume Alumen alumes aluminis alumme Alummes alumnos alway always alwei alwel alwey alwyntir aly alyenacion alyenacioun alyenancion alyght alyghte Alym alyne Alyon Alys Alysaunder alysaundere Alẏsaundre alyte Am amachites Amadas Aman Amancilla Amando amaner amans amara amaracus amariak Amariscus amarum Amarusca Amasilaus amatist Amber ambi Ambra Ambre Ambrose ambroses Ambrosia Ambroyse ambulatiuum ambulosa ameden amen amende amended amenden amendeÞ amendid amendyd amendyth Ameos amerke amerose amesarca amfractuous amfraxis amid amiddes amide amídum amidward amidwarde amigdala amigdalarum amigdale amigdalis amigdalo Amigdalum Amigddalis Amilum amíníster aministerde amixtioun ammomake ammoniac ammoniak ammonyac ammonyak amner amo niaa amodir Amomacum amome amomer amomum amon amonda amoneste among amonge amonges amonie amonye amonyth amorewe amorowe amorowen amorwe amphimeram amplificacioun amplified amplum ampte ampulla ampulle ampullosa amrache amtymonye amurca amyd Amydde Amyddys amyde amydown amydward Amẏgdalis Amyliair amynee amys an an oÞer an oÞere An oÞir an oynte ana anabula Anabulla anacardes anacardí anacardus anacardy anad anaddre Anadoma Anagalla Anagallicum Anagallis Anagodam anal analempcia analempcie Analempsie analy anameli anamely anamly Anardes anarum anayl anchaformis Anchorus Ancilla ancle anclee Ancley ancorea ancẏ and Andago Andrago andsumme andwire ane anedíl Anend anenteseÞ anentischid anentisching anentischiÞ anentischyng Aner anet Anete aneti Anetum aneẏ aneẏe aneyntyse aneys angel angel twaches angelica angels angeltwacches angeltwaches angelum anger angíltwacchís angiltwattes angir anglice anglicum anglis Anglons anglorum Angno angnus anȜoroun angre angri angry anguish anguisshe angur anguus anguysh anguyssche anguẏsshe angwische angwẏsshe anhigh ani Anice aniȜt Anilum animalibus animalis animalium animata anime anis aníse Anisi Anisum anisẏ Aniʒum anker ankle anklee anklees ankles ann annende annes annexed Anneys Annfructus Annirca annnoynt anno annon annos Annotaua annoÞer Annoynt annoyte anntis annys annyse annyte ano ano-Þir ano?ynte anodine Anointe anointed anon anoncte anone anoon anoone anoÞer anoÞere] anoÞers AnoÞír anothomia anothomie anothomye Anothẏr anotomie anouel anoun anourned anoward anowarde Anoy anoýer anoyn anoynement Anoynment anoynt anoynte anoynted anoynten anoyntes anoyntid anoyntingis anoyntist anoyntt anoyntte anoyntyng anoyntynge anoyte anreis Ans Anselme anselni answere answeren answeríÞ answeryng Antale antem antemonie antemonye antenati Antera anteryke antheos anthes anthos anticipacionis Antiformatum antimoine Antimomum antímoníe Antimonium antimonye Antímoyne antiquate antiqum Antiquo antítodaríe antítodarye Antofili Antonie Antonye antrax antraxe antymonie antymonye anum anẏ any thinge anẏ while anẏ whẏle Anẏce anye Anyes any Ȝt anynted anys Anyse anysum anysy anyther Anʒator Aor apaire aparent aparty ape apece apeerun apeire apeired apeiren apeiriÞ Apelledorus aperatíue apere aperen aperi aperíatíue apertíatiue aperyn aperyng aperyth aperytyf aperytyff apes apeyred apeyrid apianys apibue apíj apis apíum apium ranarum aplaunte aplied aplorum apo apon aponne apoplexia Apoplexie apoplexis apoponac apostaseos apostem apostema apostemaciouns aposteme apostolicon apostolorum apostom apostome apostomẏs apostum apostumacioun apostym apotecaríes Apound apoynt Apoʒima apparaile appayred appeireÞ appeirid appeiryng appel appelis appell appelle appels appeltre apperatiue appere appered apperen apperene appereþ apperethe apperyne apperyng apperyth appesed appeson appetent appethe appetis appetit appetite appetitis appetitys appetyt appetẏte appil appill appirte applen apples applícacíoun applicare applie applied applis applyn applys appoccioun appocicioun appodiacioun Appollinaris appopleticie appoplexie Appoponac appoponak appostolorum Appotecaries appreued appreuid approperd appropred approprid approued approuẏd approximant appul appull appultre appultreen Appultren appẏl april Aprile Aprilis aproperd aproperde apropred aproprid apt apulea apuleie Apuleyus aputtok apy apyane apyn aqua aquam Aquantica Aquarius aquarum aquatica aquaticum Aquavite aque aquí Aquilaria Aquilarie aquilei Aquileya aquilleie Aquilone aquosa aquosite aquosus aquynce ar ar Þan ar Þanne arabe arabici arabicum arabie Arabies arabík arabike arabye arabyk Arache arage araie aramotik aranea aranee Aranie Ararisebon Aray arayis Arblast arbo Arbor Arborace arborea arboribus arboris arbusti arbustis Archa archangel Archangelica Archangil archanglorum Archangyl arche Archeteca Arderon ardilli ardoure are area arecheÞ arechiÞ arena arene arewe argentaria argente Argentum argil argilla argillose argillous Argimoma arguen Argute Arichemie arida Aries ariestis Arietína arietis Arilli arinis arise ariseÞ Arisethe arisiÞ arisme aristobe aristole aristolo gía aristolo gie aristologe Arístología Aristologia Aristologia rotunda arístologíe Arístologíes aristotel arke arm arm pittys Armala arme arme-pittes armenicus armentis armenye armepyttes armer armes armeʒ Armonda armoniac Armoniaca armoniace Armoniacum armoníak armoniake armonicus armonyac armonyak armonycus armorace Armoriaci armour armys arn Arnalde arnament arne Arnement arnn Arnoglossa Arnolde arogon aromate aromatici aromaticus aromatik aromatyk arounde aroute arowe arrache arrage arragon arridentis arrogaunce arrogon ars arsenek arsenici arsenicum arsenyk arsnik Arsnyk arssnyke Arstologia Arstologis Arstrologia art artati arte arteria• arterial arterialis arterie arteriel arteríes arteris Artetica Arteticam artetice artetika artetyca artetyka Arthemesia arthemesie Arthemesis Arthemesys arthetica arthetici artica articulacioun articulare articularis artificem artificiel artificielle artificiellie artificiellye artifycers artyfycyally arw arwe aryght aryssen arysyth as as many as myche as swiÞe as Þat as Þei as ÞouȜ Asa asafetida Asaffetida asaid asaide Asample ASara Asarabaccara asari Asarum Asarus asawe asay asaẏde Asaʒabacchara asblyue ascape ascellares ascend ascende ascenden ascendeÞ ascendethe ascendinge ascendynge ascendyth aschen aschie Asclepius ase asel aselne aselyn asene Ash Ashe ashes Ashẏs aside asil Asina asinis Asister asithe askaped askars aske askes askeÞ Askis askiÞ askiÞe askyn askys askyth aslake asleepe asleynt asma asmal Asmathicus asmaticos asnyk Aso asonder asondir Asondred asonus asonẏs aspalte Aspaltios Aspaltum asparagis asperagis asperite aspye assafetida assaíe assaied assaieÞ assarabacca assay assayd assaye assayed assayis assche asschen assches asschin asschís asse assefetida assellaris assending assendinge assent assente asshe asshen asshes asshis asshon asshy Asshyn asshynn asshẏnnes asshys assiduacioun assignacioun assigne assigned assignes assiri Assis assise assit asslake asslaked associatur assone assonẏs assure assus asswage asswaged asswagiÞ asswagyth asswithe assyd assygned astake astate astelles astercioun astoned astonyed astonyin Astoon astounde astragalus astralagus astrike Astrolamyors astrologe Astrologia Astrologie Astula Astularegia asunder aswage aswagen aswagiÞ Aswel asyde Asyl at at alle at consumed at onys at oones atche Atefula ateine aterriues atese athanasia athanasie Athene athomosa ativo atonys Atop Atoppe atque atractatiue atrament atre atrement atrine atrinum atrip Atriplex att atte atteíne attemose attemperaunce attempere attemperellye attemporauntly attempre attende attenden attendith attenuat atter attercoppys attere attery atteyne atthemose Atticula attircoppe attomys attones attonys attraccíoun attractífe attractioun attractítíue attractíue attrait attrament attramenttum Attramentum attrices attricioun atttemperaunce attur attwene atunne atuterẏe atwene atwix atwixe atwo atwynne atyme auaile auale auan auance Auancia auannce Auaunce auay auayl auayle aucter auctor Auctores auctorite auctors auctoures auctours Auctourus audax audemaunt stoon audibel audiens auel Auence Auenica auennce auens auense auenture auentusinge aueroi aueroiȜ auerois Aueroungue aueroy Aueroys auessel aueyne augmentacioun augmented augmentinge augrim augryme august Auguste Auice Auícen auicena auícenn Auicenna Auicenne auis auised auisee aument aumentacioun aumente aumented aumenten aumenteÞ aumentinge aumentith aumentynge aunches aunswere aunswerith Aunt auntis Auoys aure Auream Aureis aureum auri auribus Auriclera Auricula Auripigmentum aurora Aurum ausa.i. ausam Aust austere aut autem autemus autentik Authemus autor Autores autorite autorites autour autours Autumpno auxilij auycen auycenna Auysily auʒt av avaye avayle avaylyth Ave Avence avente aventuse Avicen avised avoyde avycenna avysed aw-ey awaie awake awarenes awarpe away awaye awegge awei aweíe aweiward aweke awelle aweninge awey aweye aweyward awhite awhood Awicked awne awonde awondir awynche axcesse axe axel axen axene axes axesse axeÞ axis axiÞ axses axungia ay ayayn aye ayeer ayen ayene ayeneward ayenn aẏens ayenst ayent Ayer ayerd ayes ayeyn AyȜon aymaryk Aymerik Aymeryk Ayong ayre aẏren ayris aysel Ayson aẏther a[ʒ] Azara Aʒarabacca aЗarabaccara aʒein aʒeine aʒeines aʒeins aЗen aʒenes aʒ[ens] aЗenus aʒeyn aʒeyne aЗoure b B<b>ole ba[?] ba<l>kynges baad baak baaÞ babi-loyne babiloyne bac Bacca Bacce baccis bacillare bacíne back backe backehous backewarde backward backwarde bacoune bacwarde bacyn bad badde badder bag bagge baggeful bagges baggis baicard baies bak bake baken bakke bakoun bakside bakwarde bal Balanstia balanstie balanum balaucia balaucie balaue Balauscia balauscie balauster balaustía balaustie balaustíes baldder Baldemoyne balene bales baleyn Balke balkis Balkyng balle balles ballock ballocke ballockes ballockidde ballok ballokes ballokkes balloks ballowes balnea Balneis balneum balnietur balsami Balsamita balsamo Balsamum Balsamus Baltaʒar balustia bame banci bancia banda bande bane bar bar- Baraces Barba barbarie barbarye barbatus barbor barbours Bardana Bardona bare bared barel barewes barewis bareyn bareyne bareynes bareynnes barfoot barfoote barie bark barke barkes barkeÞ barley barli barlich barliche barlíe barly barlyche barlye barowes barowís barris bartholomene barwes baryn Basceta basilica basilicacionis basilice basílícon basiliconis basilicoun Basilicus basillare Basilua basíne basinge basket baskettis bassara bassed bassen bassyn bassyns basun basylicon basylycon basyn basyne basẏns bat batayl bath bathe bathed baÞen bathes baÞid baÞin baÞing baÞinge] bathis baÞÞe bathẏd bathyn bathynge bathynges bati battarum batynge batyth Baucia Baume bawdas bawm Bawme bawson bay bayes bayis baẏnwort bdelíj bdellie bdellij bdellium Bdellium/ bdillie bdillium be be • cause be ~ twixe be cause be cause of be cause Þat be come be falleÞ be for be fore be gyn be gynne be gynnyng be gynnynge be gynnythe be hinde be holde be houeÞ be hynde be hynde foorÞ be neÞe be neÞe foorthe be neÞe forÞ be neÞen be pessen be pissen be pyssed be síde be sides be syde be tokeneÞ be tokneÞ be tokyn be tokynneÞ be tokynth be twen be twine be twix be twixe be twyn be twyne be twynne be twyx be tyme be tymes be-gynnyng be<e>st bea beaute beblin bebule becau because because of because off bech beche beches bechis bed Bedaga bedd bedde beddis bede Bedegar bedellie bedellium bedward bedyth bee beed beef beekis beemes been beene beenen beenes beenys beerd beere bees beest beeste beestis beete beeten beetes beeth Beetis befalle befe beffe beffore befor before before sayd before sayde beforeseyd beforn beforne beganne begilyd beginnyng beginnynge begyn begyning begynne begynnen begynner begynneÞ begynnethe begynng begynning begynniÞ begynnÞynge begẏnnyg begynnyng begynnynge begẏnnẏnyng begynnyth behind behinde beholde beholdethe behoued behoueÞ behouethe behouiÞ behouyth behynd behynde bein beinge beke beked bekes beket bekyng belapped belappeÞ beles belis belle bellere bellerici belles Belliculi bellies Belliricus bellowes bely belye belys bemys ben Benalbum bend bende bendyng bene benedicta benedictis benedictum benedictus benefice benefised benemele benemeÞ Benemicius Benemitus benen benenemitur benes benet beneÞ beneÞe benetheforth beneÞes Benette beneuenutur Beneuenutus benignus benis Bent bente Benuemicius benuenuci Benuomicius Benuymicius benygne benygnite benyngne Benys beoff berace berall berbere Berberei Berberes berberies [berberijs berberis berberiẏs berberrijs berberyes berdane berde bere berell beremele beren Beres bereÞ beríed beries bering beringe beris berith berke berkeÞ berlẏ berne bernet Bernix Bernys berste berstlis bert berthen berÞens Berula berule beryed beryen beryes beryng berynge beryt beryth beseching beseid beside besiden besie best beste bestes bestis bestys besyde besyden besydys besye besynesse Bet betayne bete beteíne beten beter betere betes betey beteyn Beteyne beteynn beÞ beÞe betínge betinggus betir betirhed betis beto betoine betoke betoken betokeniÞ betokenth betokenyn betokenyt betokenyth betokenythe betokneÞ betokniÞ betoknyt betokẏnth Betonica betonice betonie betonye betoyne betre bette better bettere bettir bettre bettyr betwen betwene betweyne betwixe betwyn betwyne betwynne betwyx betwyxt betwyxte betymes betẏn betyng betẏngges betyr betys betyth beur beute Beuycam bewepe bey beye beylys beyn beyng beynge beyonde beyteyn beʒonde bi cause bi cause Þat bi fore bi fore seid bi foren bi gynnyng bi gynnyth bi hynde bi hyndeforÞ bi neÞe bi pissid bi twene bi twyne bi war bicche biche bicomeÞ bid bidde bidden biddeÞ bide bidene bideÞ biduane bie bie fore bie houeÞ bie neÞe bie tokeneÞ bie twyn bie twyne biegynne bien] bienen bieten bietes bifalliÞ bifore bifore / bifore seid biforen biforn biforne bigere bigge bigger biggus bigile bigly bignesse biȜond biȜonde bigonne bigripe bigrounde bigynne bigynneÞ bigynniÞ bigynnyng bíhínde bihold biholde bihoueÞ bihouiÞ bihynde bihyndeforÞ bilappen bilde Bildyng Bildynge bileue bille billed billes bilre bin binde binden bindeÞ binding bindinge bindingis bindynge bineÞ bineÞe• bineÞeforÞ bineÞen binomen binymmeÞ binymmiÞ biolis biose Birayne birayned birch birche birchis birdys birewe bireyned Birialmon birthe birÞen Bis bischop Bisege biside bisides bisidis bisisis Bismalua bismalue bismalues bismaluys bismalwis bisperidij Bispreynt Bisscho Bistorta bistrowed bisyde bisye bisynesse bite biten bitere bíteÞ biteyn biÞe bithought bithynke bitin biting bitinge bitinges bitingis Bitinnen bitiÞ bitokeneÞ bitokeniÞ bitokenyng bitokneÞ bitokniÞ 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bush busschel busshe busshel busshis bussok bust bustor but but for but Ȝif bute buter butimen butler butokkis butre butt butter butterre buttir buttockes buttoke buttokes buttokis buttokkes buttokkis buttre buttrum buttur butture buyle buyles buynles by by by cause by cause of by come by fore by gynnyng by gynnynge by hynde by nethe by neÞe forÞe by neÞeforÞ by neÞeforÞe by neÞen by neÞin by [n]o[m]en by syde by twene bẏ twixe by twynne by tymes bycause byd byddyth byde bydeth bye byforeseyd bygyn bygynne bygynneÞ bygynniÞ bygynnyng byhappethe byholde byhoueÞ byhynde byhynde forÞe byl byle bẏlis bylleres bylys byn bynd bynde bynden byndeÞ bynding byndinge byndinges byndingis byndiÞ byndyn byndyng byndynge byndyth bynemeÞ byneÞe byneÞe forÞ byneÞeforÞ byneÞen byneÞforÞ byntter bynyghtertale bynymeÞ byrden byrdes byrdlym byrdon byrdoun byrnel byrthe bysely byside bysiden bysides bysmalue bysmaluis bẏsmaluẏs byspreyne BYsshopisworte bysshoppe Bysshopys bysynesse byte byter Byteyne byÞ bytinge bytokniÞ bytter byttere bytternesse bytturhed bytwene bytwixe bytyn bytyng bytynge bytynges bytyngges bytyth ca ca<r>diacle caas caast cabal-lyn caballina caballinum Caballma caballmus Caballus caballyn cacche cacchen cacching cacchyng cachinge cacochimia cacumi caducus caduke Cahab cair cake cakes cakis Cakys cal calabre Calabur calagoge calame calament Calamentes Calamenti Calamentum Calami calamina calaminaris Calaminat calamíne Calaminta calaminte Calaminti calaminto Calamintta Calamintte Calamintti Calaminttis calamíta Calamitam Calamus Calamus calamus aromaticus calamy calamy aromate calamyna calamyne calamynt Calamynte Calamyntte calcance calcante Calcantum calce calcecominoy calcecumínoy Calcedarum calcídarum calcíned calcis Calcucemenon calculose Calculus cald caldrowne cale calebre calefaccíoun Calefaccíouns Calefactions calefactioun calefactum caleffaccioun Calendula calf calfe Calfes calida calidarijs calido call calle called callen calleÞ callid callosite callous callum callyd callyde callyth calogoge calor calore calorem caloris Caloun calpusye Calticeos caluair Calumus caluyng caluynge Caluys calx calxViua cam Cama camamille Camamyl Camamylle camapitheos Cameactus Camedreos Camedrios camels Camephiteos Camepitheos camepithios Camfer camina camini cammamille cammedres Cammok cammomille Cammomẏl Camo mylle Camolee Camomilla Camomílle Camomillis Camomula camomẏl Camomyll Camomylle campa campaine campana campane Campher camphera camphere Camphir Camphire Camphora camphorata camphore camphyr campi campur can can? Canabis canabo Canape Canapie Cancer Cancere cancerous cancre cancrene cancrenis cancreos cancres cancri cancrid cancris cancrous cancry Cancryng cAnd canda candele candi Candie candolomata Candy candye cane canel canelis Canell Canelle canelles canels canfas canicularis caniculata caniculer caniculere Caniculers canis canker cankerd cankerde cankere cankerid Cankers cankerẏe cankir cankre canna canne cannest Cannetis cannis cannys Canomille canoun canouns canst Cantabrum cantafiteos Cantans cantaride Cantarides canterídes canterino canteryne cantum cantyne canules canyculer capacite capare caparis caparum cape caperis caperus capeÞ caphore Capidem capill capillares capillaris Capilli Capillis Capillisveneris Capillus capistre capita capital capitale puluís capitelle Capitellum capiti capitis capitisque capitulo capitulum capobalȜamum capon capones capons caponys capoun capounes capouns Cappare Capparis capparus capparys cappe Capperys capricorn capricornyo Capricornyus caprifie caprifige caprifigtre caprífoile caprifolie caprifolij Caprifolium Caprino caprinous caprinum Caprioly captif captin captiuo captyn Caput capyllys capytelle carabe carabie carabre caralke caraway carawei carawey carbobalsam Carbones carbumkels carbuncles carbunculous carbunculus carbunkels carces carda Cardama cardame cardamo[me] cardamome Cardamomeum cardamomí cardamomie cardamomíj Cardamomum cardamoni cardamonum cardamoun cardeacle cardiac cardiaca cardiacle cardiacus cardimenta Cardinale Cardinis cardomo cardomom cardomome Cardomomi Cardomomum cardomonij Cardus carduus] care careaway careawei careawey carectere Carei Careinalle carenairis Carene Carenum Careway Carewey Careweye Carice Caride carike caritate Carmedrios Carnea Carnes carnis carnosa carnosite carnositee carnosus carnosyte carnosytee carnous caro carolle caroporoides carpenters carpie carpo carpobalȜamum carpobalsame carpobalsami carpobalsamum Carpocarecis Carpocissi carpus carrolua carse carse seed carsed carseed Carsen carses carseseed carsis carsseed cartes Carthariaci cartilaginous cartilaginouse Caruey Carui Caruwey Caruẏ Carweẏ Carwẏ cas Casciafi[s]tula case cases Caseum casibus Cassamum cassi Cassia cassia fistula cassia lignea Cassiaffistula cassiafistula Cassiafẏstula Cassialignea cassíe cassillago Cassiofistula Cassiofẏstula cast Castacola Castanearum caste casted castels casten castene casteÞ castethe casteyn castimonial casting castinge castist castith castithe casto castor castore Castorei Castoreo Castoreum Castoreun castori castoríe castorij castoris castorum castory castracioun Castreon castris Castula castus castymonyal castyn castyng castynge castyst castyth casually casusque cat Cata catalempsie cataplasma cataplasmas cataplasme cataplasmes catapucia Catapucie Catapuscia cataract cataracte cataractes cataractis cataractus catarataractus Catarpuce catarractes catarractis catarrecte catarrus catche catchinge Catecon catel catencíní cateracctis cateracte Cateractes Cateracties cateractis cateractte Cateractus cateractys Caterctys Cathale cathalempcie Cathalempsie cathalemsie cathaplasma cathapuces cathime cathimie cathing cathmia cathmie cathmye catholica catolempsie Caton cattis Cattismynte Cattysmynte Catulum cauature cauda caude cauderoun caudroun caue Caueat cauel cauernosum cauernous cauernouse cauȜt cauȜte Cauiculata Caul caule caules Caulis caumate caumfer caunfer Caurure causa causam causas cause caused causen causes causeÞ causid causis causith causon Causonica Causonidem causte causticus causyd causyde causyng Causynge causys Causẏth cautarie cautaries cautariȜatiue Cautarye Cautaryes Cautarysacion cautel cautele cauter cauterid cauterídes cauterie cauteried cauteries cauteríeÞ cauteríȜatíue cauteriȜe cauterijs cauterio cauteriʒacioun cauterẏ Cauterye cauteryes cauteryȜed cauteryȜede cauteryng cauteryse cauys cavses cawdroun cawsyd cawsyng Cay Caẏn caysales CCC CCCxxiiij ce ceceth cecum cecus cedenda cedes Cedewale cedri cedria cedum cedur ceede ceeltica ceesse ceessen ceessiÞ ceessyn ceessyng ceesythe ceilen celar celedoíne celedonye celedoyne celestis celestium celestyal celi Celidoina celidoine Celidonia Celidoníe Celidonẏe celídoyne celiodyne celis celle cellidonie cellis Cellula cellule celluled cellules celnse celo celodoyne Celody celodyne celondone celosoyne Celsa celseed celsi celte celtica celtice celule celules Celẏ Celydone Celydonie Celydonẏe Celydoyne cemel cene cenegryne cense censible censura Cent centaure Centaurea [Cen]taury Center Centinodium Centori Centoríe Centorẏ Centorye Centregalli Centrum centrum galli centtorye centum Centurea centurum Cepa Ceparum Cepe cephalica cephalice cepula Cepum cer cer-teyn cera Ceralis cerase cerca CErcior cercum Cerebeli cerebellaris cerebri cerebro Cerebrum cerebrumque cerenam cerflaunge cerfoil Cerfoile cerfoyle cerkyl Cerlange cero ceroneum cerote cerotes cerotum certa certaíne certayn certayne certaynly certein certeíne certeinlie certeinlye certen certeyn certeyne certeynly certified certifyed certis certo certyfyed ceruce ceruerei ceruí ceruices ceruina cerulde Cerules Cerusa ceruse cese ceses Cesile cesse cessed cessen cesseÞ cessinge cessíuelye cessyn cessyng cesyth cetee & cetera ceterac ceteracus Ceterak ceti cetolana ceunse Cha piter chace chaf chafed chaff Chaffe chafte chaftes chafyd chafyng Chafẏtt chalk chalke chalky chamo champayn Champher Champhire chanel chaneles chanelled chanels change changeabyl changeth chapeter chapetre chapiter chapitere chapiterin chapíters chapitre chappe chappynge Chapter chaptere chaptes Chaptre Chaptrys Chapytere chapytre char charcole charcolle chare charecole charge chargeth charkol charme charwoles chase chaseth chast chasten Chastene chaster chasteyn chasteynes chasteyns Chasteyntre chastite chastyth chasyth chaton chaude chaudepisse chaued chauefed chauel chaueles chaufe chaufed chaufen chaufeÞ chauil chaumber chaumbre] chaumbris chaunce chaunge chaunged chaungen chaungeth chaungid chaunging chaunginge chaungyng chaungynge chauʒ chawde Chawe chawfith checke checkes checkys chees chef chek<e>ys cheke chekeben cheken chekenes chekenmete chekens chekenys chekes chekis Chekmete chekun chekyn chekys chelde cheldes chemyne chenys cheped chepyd cher chere chered Cherfoyle cheri cherice cheries cheristones cheritre cherkyng Cheruel chery cherystones chese chest Chestayn chestaẏne chestaynes cheste chesteyn chesteyne chesteynes chesteyns chestid cheude cheue cheuen cheuille Cheuillire cheulange Cheuylle chew chewe chewed chewen cheweÞ chewid chewyn chewyng chewynge chewyth cheyne chibol chibols chich chiche chíches Chichis chicken chiew chiewe chiewen chike chikemete chiken chikenen chikenes Chikenmete chikens chikenwed chikes Chikmete child childe childer childere childeren childerin childern childerne childes childhod Childhode childhood childis children childron childrun childryn chill chillyng chillynge chillyngest chilosite chilus Chimelea chimole chimolea chimus chine chinne chiri chiries chiristones chiristonis chiristoones Chiritre chiros chiry Chiryis Chirystones chis chise bolles chisebollis chíste chistis chochie choke Choler Cholet chon chong choppe chose chosen chosene chouel chouholm chowe chowyth choyngyn choys Christi chue chydryn Chyere chyke chyken chykenes chykenmete chykenys Chẏkes chykmete chykynmete Chẏld chylde chylderen chyldes chyldhood chyldren chyldryn chyldryns chyldys chylus chymole chyn Chyncok Chyncough chyndryn chyne Chyneboon chynes chẏnke chynkis chynnckes chynne chynyng chyppyng chyppyngis chyry chysel chyses chyuerfoyle ci cia Ciate Ciates Ciatica Ciatis Ciatus Ciatyca cibapirum Cicada cicamor cícatríce cicatríces cícatriȜatíue cícatríȜatíues cicatriȜing cícatríȜinge cicatrinum cicatrise cicatrix cicatriʒacioun cicatriʒatiue cicatriʒatiues cicatriʒe cicatriʒed cicatryce cicatryn cicca cicer] Cicera ciceres ciceris cicerum Cicidon Cicile cicla Ciclamen ciclaminis cicome cicomorum cicomun ciconie ciconijs ciconyes cicorea cicori cicorie cicory cicorye cícotríne cicotrinum cicotryn cicru Cicuta Cidonyte ciky Ciliaci Cimbalaria cimbalaris Cime Ciminum Cinamomum Cinamoni Cinamum cinapi cine cínereíte cinericiam Cineris cinerisque cinerosa Cinglosse Cinimi Cininum cinis Cinnamum cinus cinusdam cinxinella cinys ciperi Ciperus Ciphac cipre ciprelle Cipres cipresci ciprese cípresse cipressi Cipressus cípreus ciprus Cirage Círagra circa circi circle circulus circumcisid circumference circumfodiendis circumspecte ciriaci ciriacus ciringe Cirurgicale círurgícorum cissi cisterne cite citee citerak citeres citeryn citone cítoníorum citonium citonye citonyes citori citoun citr-yne citramowntayns Citraria citre citren citretre citri citrin citrina Citrinam cítríne citrineÞ Citringlorum citrini citrinite citrinorum cítrínum Citrinus citru citrulus citryn citryne• citur Citurfruyt Citurtre Citurtreys citymalle ciuitati cium cladauis cladde claies clamour clanse clanseÞ clansiÞ clansyng clansynge claped clara clare clarefie clarefied clarefyen clarere Clariffye clarificabit Clarificacio clarifie clarified clarifíeÞ clarifiethe clarifithe clarifẏe clarifyed clarifyers clarifyeth clarifẏethe clarifyth Clarior clarre clarus claryfie clarẏfied clarẏfiethe claryfye claryfyed claryfyeth claryfyth clauales claualia claualim. claue clauke clausa clawe clawis clawyng clawynge clay clayes cle cledde cleef cleen cleene cleer cleere cleeriÞ clees cleeuyng clei cleíe cleme clen seÞ clene cleneliche cleneÞ Clenliche clenlie clenly clenner clennes clennesse clense clensed clensen clensene clensers clenseÞ clensethe clensíd clensing clensínge clensiÞ clenson clensyd clensyn clensyng clensynge clensyt Clensyth clenuyng clenyng clenynge clepe cleped clepen clepeÞ clepethe clepíd clepiÞ clepiÞ cleppe clepped clept clepun clepyd clepydd clepyn clepyne clepyt clepyth cler clere clereliche clerely cleren clerenes clerer clerest clerete clereÞ clerethe clerist cleriÞ clerithe clerke clerkes clerkis clerlie clernes clerẏng cleryth clese cleseÞ Cletumyre cleue cleuen cleueÞ cleuiÞ cleusing cleuyde cleuyng cleuynge cleuys Cleuyth cleving clewes cley cleye cleyed cleyes cleyi clibanum clicche clif clift climbynge clippen clippeÞ Clis clist clister clisterd clistere clisteres clisterie clísteríes clísters clistis Clisto clistre Clistris clistum Cliuers Cliʒe clo Cloclerea clod cloddi cloddy cloddyd Cloddyn cloddys clode clofunge clok clonsyn clonsynd clook cloos clooÞ cloothe Clopunke Clos close closed closen closeÞ closid closing closinge closis closiÞ closure closyth clote clotes cloÞ cloÞe cloÞes cloÞis Clotis Clotẏs cloude cloudis cloudy cloue clouen cloues Clouht clour clous clout cloute cloutes clouttis cloutty cloutys clouyn Clouẏs cloven Clovẏs clowde clowdes clowdy clowdys clowe clowes clowis clowt clowte clowth clowtis clowttis Clowẏs cloyth clunatis clyf clymbyng clynge clyster Clystere clysterie clysters clystery clystes clystrer Clyuer clyuys co co- co??? Co???? co<c>kil Co<c>kle coaduste coagulacioun [c]oagulatum coagule coaguled coaguleÞ coagulid Coagulum coarted cobet Cobweb Coccilidon coccion cochie cocke cockil cockyl cockys coclear cocodrillis Cocoindium cocomydie Cocondium coconidium coconidium/ coconydie coct coct? Coctanum cocte cocti coctis cod codde• coddes code codenus codion Codyon coetex coffynys cofine cofre cofyne cogitatiua coherens coile coiled coilet coitu coitum coitus cok coke cokel cokes cokil Cokke cokkel cokkil cokkis cokul Cokẏl Col col- col-de col<e>ra rubea col<l>ire cola colagoge colatorie colatories Colatur Colatura Colature Colcase colcasis cold cold<d colde colden coldene coldenes coldenesse colder coldere coldes coldeÞ coldis coldith Coldnes coldnesse coldyt Cole coled colees colen Colentur coler Colera Colerage coleram coleramque colere coleri coleric Colerica colericus colerid colerie coleries colerík colerike coleris Colerium colerram colerryk Colery coleryca colerye coleryes coleryk coleryous coles Coletur Coleworttis Coliander Coliandri Coliaunder Coliaundre coliaundyr colica colica passio colicam colicapassio Colides Colik colíríe coliries colírium coliry colirye colis coliys colleccion colleccioun collerie colleries collerijs collerik collerio collerye colleryes 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combusti combustioun combustum come comefourthe comely comen comenly comet comeÞ comethe comferi comferie comferẏ comferye comfirẏ comfort comfortable comfortat comfortatif comfortatiue comfortatiues comforte comforted comforten comforteth comfortethe comforth comforthe comfortid comforting comfortist comfortiÞ comfortyth Comin comíne cominia comissures comitatur comith comly commandith commaunde commaunded commaunden commaundeth commaundyd commaundyth comme commenden commendes commendeÞ commendith commendyd commendyth commenly commentour Commentoure commenyng commercia commeÞ commethe commissure commissures commixtioun commodite commodites commodose common commounly commune communely communelẏe communicacioun communly Commyn commyng Commynly commyth commyxt comoda Comomille comon comonly comoun comounly comoyned compaccion Compack company comparandis comparisoun compascioun compase compassioun compelled compellid compeny competent competentlie competentlye competunt compilyd complectioun complete completlẏ completlye complexif complexio Complexion complexione complexionibus complexions complexíoun complexiouns complexyons compleyne complose compocícíoun compocioun compocisioun compoinnẏd componed Componita composicioun compositoris composui compound compounde compoune compounen compounyd compownd compownde comprehende comprehended comprehenden comprehendes comprehendeÞ comprehending comprehendinge comprehendithe compresse compressed compresses compressinge compressio compressioun compressyoun comth comþe comuine comun comunable comune comunelíe comunelẏ comunelye comunibus comunicacioun comunis comunite comunlie comunly comunlye comunne comunnelye Comuro comy comyȜt comyly Comyn comyne comyng comynge comynly comynlyche comynn ComyÞ comyÞe con conñtynuellich con-feri concatenacioun concatenaciouns concaua concauate concaue concauíte concauites• concauyte concauytee concavite concepcion Concepcioun Conceptum conceptus conceyue conceyued conceyueth conceyuyd conceyuyng conceyuyth conceyvyd concidere concius conclude concludet concludid concludyng concludyth concolor concourse concurrant concurren concutit Condempnat condempnen condensed condensid condescende condessende Condiatur condicions condícíoun condícíouns condileu matibus Condileuma condilomata condimentis Condisum condit condite conditis Condolomata conduce conduced conduceÞ conducte conducture condycions condylomata condyment confeccion confeccions confeccíoun confect confecta confecte confectio confectionibus confectioun confecto conferi conferie conferme confermed confermede confermeÞ confermyng confermyth confery Conferye confete conffery confice confici conficianttur conficiantur conficit Confirie confirmacioun confirmed confirmyng Confirye Confita confited confitum confoct confondith confort confortabil confortable confortabyl confortacioun confortatatiue confortatif confortatifs confortatíue confortatíues confortatiuis confortatiuus confortatyf confortatyues confortatyuus confortatyuys conforte conforted conforten confortest conforteÞ confortethe conforthe confortínge confortiÞ confortyn confortyth confounde confouunde confracto confray confricacioun confucioun confusio confusion confyri confyrmatyffe confyrmed confyrmen confyrmyth congeled congelid congellatum congellyd congelyd conger congeus congir conglutinacioun conglutinacioune conglutinate conglutínatíue conglutínatíues conglutynacioun conglutynatif congrua congruentibus congur congyeld conínue conioyned coniunccioun coniuncioun coniunctianȜ coniunctiua coniunctyfe conne connexio conniyng connyng connyngly Cononidion conpaccioun conplexion conpounny conpression conpun conquassentur consaille conscia conseiuyd consequens consequent consequentlie consequently conserua conseruatiue conseruatiues conseruatour conserue conseruen conserueÞ conseruethe conseruyng conseruyth conseuden conseyued conseyueden conseyuyd conseyuyng conseyvyd conseyvyng consíder considere considereÞ consideringe considir consilidatiue consilis consilium consol<id>atyues Consolida consolida tiues consolidacionis consolidacioun consolidatif consolidatifs consolídatíue consolídatíues consolidatyfs consolidatyues Consolide consolidiþ consoloditatiue consolydatyfe consorcio consoud consoude consouded consouden consoudene consoudeÞ consoudith consounde consowded consowdethe consowdyn consowdẏng consowdyth conssegned constancia constans constante Constanter constanti constantines constantinum constantinus Constantius constantynes constantynus constet constipat constituit constraẏne constraẏnethe constraynẏng constreind constreine constreined constreineÞ constreinyng constrenyth constreyne constreẏned constreynethe constreynynge constriccioun constrictif constrictyue constrictyues constriktyfe constrin constructif constructorijs constructyues constypat constypatt consume consumed consumede consumen consumes consumeÞ consumethe consumid consumith consumpci oun consumpcio consumpcion consumpcion consumpcíoun consumpte consumyd consumyng consumynge consumyt consumyth consupcioun Consuptiua consuptt consydre contagious conteine conteined conteinen conteinyng conten contene contened contenen conteneÞ content contenta Contentas contente contentes contenti contentis contentorum contentt contentys contenuel contenẏd contenyng contenynge conterminus contexte conteyne conteyned conteynen conteyneth conteynyth conticions conticiouns continentes continenti continielyche continua continuacioun continual continuallẏ continualy Continuam continuata continuaunce contínue contínued continuel continuel . Feuere continuel feuere continuel lyche contínuel lye continueliche contínuellíe contínuelly continuellyche contínuellye continuelẏ continueÞ continuetur Continui contínuíte contínuo continuum contínuyng contínuynge continval contorie contra contraccion contraccioun contractabel contracte contraria contraríe contraríes contraríete contrarijs contrarious contrariouse contrarite contrarius contrary contrarye contraryous contraryus contre contrees contrery contrey contreys Contriis contucions contucioun contucíouns contumacite contynual contynuall contynually contynuance contynue contynued contynuel contynuelich Contynuelly contynuely contynuite contynulich contynuliche contynuyng conuenable conueniant conueniens conueníent conueniently conuenientlye Conuenyent conuerten conuerteÞ conum conumeracioun convement convenient Conyinn cood cookyl cool coold coolde cooldid cooldnesse cooldyd coole cooles coolis Coolore coore coost cooste coostif coostis cootis cootun cop Copeer coper coperos coperose copiam Copiosa copiose Copiouse coporose coppe copron coprose Copur Coquantur coquanturum Coque cor coral corall coralle Corallus coratyne corde cordes cordie cordis core corea corecten coresey Coriander Coriandir Coriandrum coriaunder coriaundir COriaundre corigiole corina corisyues corn cornarde corn[e] cornea corned cornel cornellys cornels corner cornerd cornerde cornere corneris corners cornes cornir cornis cornnbrum cornned cornu corny Cornys cornyth corocíue Corona coronale coronalis corosif corosifs corosinum corosíue Corosíues corosyues corpera corporacioun corporalis corporat corpore Corporis corpus corpuscula correcte correctid corro siues corrocíoun corrode corroded corroden corrodene corrodes corrodet corrodeÞ corrodid corrodinge corrodíÞ corrodithe corrosifs corrosiue corrosíues corrosíuum corrosyf corrosyn corrosyue corrosyues corrosyuus corrosyuys corrsíue corrumpen corrumpeÞ corrumpynge corrupcion corrupcionn corrupcions corrupcioun corrupciouns corrupcyoun corrupt corrupte corrupteÞ corruptith Corruptt corruptus corruptynge corruptyth corrypt corrysifs Corrysyue cors corser cortex Cortice Cortices Cortici corui corun Corunbrium corupcion corupcíoun corupciouns corupt corupte corupteÞ coruptiÞe corupto corus coruscat coryandre Coryaundre coryawndre cos cost coste costes Costi costif costifnelle costifnes costifnesse Costinum costis costiue costlewe Costo costumably Costus costyf Costyfnesse Costẏnes Cote coten cotidiam cotidian cotidian feuere cotidiana cotidiane cotidians cotidyan cotidyan feuere cotidyane cotis coton cotone cotoun cotounde cotoune cotte cotton cotuls cotun cotydian cotys couchynge coueit coueite coueitous coueitouse coueitows coueityng couenable couenabyl couer couerd couerde couered coueren couereÞ coueringe couern couers couert couerynge coueyt coueytous coueytously coueytyng couferme cou Ȝ couȜe cou Ȝes cough coughe couȜinge cou Ȝis couȜwe couȜwinge couȜwynge cou Ȝyng couȜynge couh coul couloure couloured coumce coumforte councialis counect counfit counfitynge counger counseil counsel counselle counselled counseyl counseyle counte counter counteruayle countre countrees coupely cours course couslippe Cousloppis Couslyppe cousoude couth couthe couʒ couʒe couʒes covere covered cow cowd cowde cowe cowe Ȝ cowes cow Ȝ cow Ȝe cowȜwinge cowȜwynge cowȜyng Cowh cowhe cowle cowmelke cowrs Cowslappe Cowsloppe cowys coxa coyle coyled coylerage coyn coyne coynes Coẏtu Coẏtum crabbe Crabbes crabbetre crabbis crabbys craft crafte craftelie craftelẏ craftes craftie craftílíe craftilẏ craftilye craftis craftly crafty craftye cramp crampe cramppe cransope crape crapes crapulam craseos crassitude Crassula crassyng crast Craton craue craumpe Crausope creacioun creatori Creature crece credes Creem creme cremed cremeÞ Crepane Crepanum crepe crepen crepeÞ creping crepit crepiÞ crepitura crepyn crepyng crepynge crepyth crese Cresis cress cresse cressen cressene cresses cressis cressẏs creste creta creticacion cretice cretico creticus cretycacion cretycatycacion cretyk crie criketes criketis crimine Crimoydes Crimum crinis Crinoides Crinoydes crinoydis cripinum Crisautemona Crise crisi Crisippus Crisolacanna Crisolocanna Crisolomeris Crisolotanni crispe Crispinal Crispinam Crisstallinus crist Crista cristal cristall Cristalle cristalline cristallinus Cristallyn Cristallyne cristallynus criste Cristes cristi cristin criyng criynge crocei que croceique croci crocissi croco Crocu Crocus croddes crofte croke Croke fere croked crokedly crokednese crokinge crokẏnge cromci cromes crommes Crommẏs crompe croner Cronicas crookedly crop crope cropes croppe cropped croppes croppis Cropppis Croppys cros crosse crossewys crossing crothe croumpithe croune crowe crowefoote crowefote crowes Crowfote crowne croyse crucem cruciat cruciata crucifie crucke cruda crudde crudded crude crudificat Crudor crudus crudy crummes crummys Crumys cruoris crus crust crusta cruste crustes Cry crying cryinge cryketes cryng Crynge Crynoides crystalline crystallyn cryste crysten cryyng cu Cubibe cubibes Cubibys cubit cubital cubitales cubite cubites Cubube cubyte Cuccumber cucu Cucube cucubẏs cucuermis cuculi Cucumber Cucumbir cucumer cucumeris Cucurbita cucurbitarum cucurbite Cucurbitum cucurme cucurryne cuernis cui cuiq Cuius Culex culi Culrage culture culuer Culuerdung culuere Culuernote culuir Culurage cum cumberiÞ cumeres cumeris cumiÞ cumme cummen cummeÞ cummiÞ cum cummyne cummynge cumpany cumpas cumpeni cumpeny cumpenye cumpenyinge cumpenyng cumÞ cumynge cunel cunned cunnynge cunte cuntre cuntree cuntrees Cunula cuperesse cuperose Cupido cupidus cuppe cupped cuppen cuppes cuppid cuppyd cupresse cura curabille curabitur curable curabyl Curacio curacíoun curat Curbet curdyd cure cured curede curee curen cures curethe curiage curid curie curioun curiousliche curiouslye curis curnellis cursus curyd curyng curynge curys curyt curyth Cuscos Cuscute cuscuter custes custodia custumable custume cut cutt cutte cuttyng cuuers cuyne Cvcumber cycatryce cycatryes cyconyes cycorye Cyetica cyfac cyfre cyghyng Cynamomum Cynamon cyne Cynnamum Cynoglossa Cynomon Cynouns Cyperus cyphac Cẏpres cypresse cyred Cyrogrillus cyrope cytemorum cytonie cytonies cytonye cytonyes cytrin cytrine cytryn Cytryne Cytyk d d<r>ynk d<r>ynken da dactali dactili Dactilus daggeÞ dai daie daíes daies eiȜe daiesiȜe daiȜe dailẏ daisie daisye daiys dale Dalis dalke dalt damacene damascenes damasco damesens dammys damp dampnable dampnat dampned damppnat dancus Danipindis Dapnileon Dapnococti dare dari darst darte darted dasawyd dasewed dasewen dasewenesse dasie dat data Date dates datis datur daturus datys Daucus Dauk Dauke daukesseed Daukus daunce Daundelioun daunte [dawk] dawndelẏon day daẏ light daye dayes dayes eiȜe daẏeseyn dayesien dayesyЗe dayis daylly dayly days daysee daẏseis dayseẏen dayseẏes dayseys daysie daẏsies dayssey daysye dayys de de bay de gre de oliue de olyue de vulua de-gre dealtea deambulacioun debeef debencus debeoff Debile debiliorem debilitacioun debílíte deccoccio deccocion deccocioun december decembris decempedes decepcioun deceyue deceyuyth dechynge decimum decisio declarat declare declared declarith declaryd declinacion declinacioun declinante decline declined declinen declines declineÞ declínynge declyne declyneÞ declynyng decoccio decoccion decoccione decoccionis decoccíons decoccíoun decocciouns decoccius decoccyon decocion decocione decoct decocte decoctions decoctioun decocyoun decoocion decoquatur decoque decoratum decott decottioun decreessyng decrescyng decresyng ded dede dedelie dedely dedelye dedest dedis dedisse dedist dedlie dedly dedlye dednetlẏs dednettẏl deduccio deduced deducen deduceÞ dedyst dedyste deed deede deedly deednesse deef deefnesse deel deep deepe deepnesse deere deerit deeth def defamed defaut defaute defautes defautie defayle defectum defeeÞ defeid defencíoun defende defended defenden defendeÞ defendinge defensíue defensiues deference defertis deffadyd deffe deffenciue deffendinge deffeneres deffensiue deffnes Deffnesse deficiat defie defied defieȜen defien defieÞ defiȜe defiȜed defiȜen defirith defiyng defnesse deforme defoule defouled defoulen defounded defourrem defraudat defrut defrute defye defyed defyen defyned defyyd degenerans degescioun degestif degestioun degestyon degestyoun degraded degrancíj degre degree degrees dei deid deiecte deiȜe deinteys dej del delatorie delayis dele delectacioun deled delegate delen deles deleÞ deleueraunce delf delícat delícate delices delicta deligence delit delitabel delite delíten delites Deliuente deliuer deliueraunce deliuerd delíuerde deliuere deliuered deliuerid delorge delte deludit delue deluer deluers deluyng Deluynge deluys deluyth delẏ delyon delyuered delys delytabel delyuer delyuerance delyueraunce delyuerd delyuerde delyuere delyuered delyuerede delyueren delyuereÞ delyuerid delyueried delyueriÞ delyuerithe delyuery delyueryd delyueryn delyueryth Demachian demde deme demen demene Demened demonem demonis demotrie dempto demygrayn demygreyn demyng Dendro dene deni denied denieÞ denique dennys Dens densed densite dent dentur denye deo deo data deolyue deorsum dep departabel Departe departed departen departeÞ departid departinge departiÞ departyd departyn departyng depe depedowne dependaunce dependaunt depende dependes depenesse deper dicioun deperdicíoun deperted depeynted depirfundite deplumed depnes depnesse deppe deppenes deppenesse depper deppest deppnesse depressa depressed depresseÞ depressid depressinge depressioun depressioune depressyoun deprosye depth depthe depure depured depuren depuretur depute dercnesse dere dere worthi deris deriuacioun deriued derk derke derkenes derknes derknesse derworþe des descencioun descend Descende descended descenden descendeÞ descendethe descending descendinge descendit descendyng descendyth descent descidet descolourd descripcioun dese desendẏng deserueÞ desesis desicatiue desíccacíoun desiccate desiccatíue desiccatiues desiccative desiccatyfs desiccatyues desir desire desiren desirest] desireth desiriÞ desirynge desoluid desperat desperate despocisioun despume despumed despumyd dessendethe dessendinge dessese dessicacioun dessicatíue dessolueth dessoluiÞ destemper destre destreiȜed destreiȜen destreth destreue destreye destreyng destreyth destrie destriȜe destriȜen destroíe destroied destroíen destroier destroíeÞ destroue destroy destroye destroyed destroyen destroyet destroyeÞ destroẏng destroyt destroyth destruccion destruccioun destruen destrueÞ destruye destruyed destruyen destruyeÞ destrye destryen destryeth destryth desynterie desyre desyringe desyrithe desyryng detayna determinacioun determíned determynd deteẏn deteyne deÞ dethe detheke detrimenta detur deu deue deuels deuelus deuexe deuide deuided deuideÞ deuidit deulappid deulie deulye deuoire Deus deute deutee deuyde deuyed devided devulua dew dewe dewlappis dewte dewy Dextera dextra dextre dextre/que dextris dextros deẏ deye deyinge deyntees deynteis deysshed deyʒe di di uerse dia dia spermaton diabeten diabetes Diabites diaboli diaborigiti diaborum diacalamentum diacalamintte diacalaminttis diacalamintto diacalaminttum diacalamyntum diacalemen diacalementum diacamerion diacameron diacaparis Diacaperis diacastore diacene diaceraseos diacesareos díacímíni diaciminum diacinimum diacinum diacitonicon Diacitoniton diacitonycon diacitonyton diacodion diaconidion diaconperiperion diaconydion diacyminum diacymyni diacymynum diacytonycon diacytonyton diadragant Diadragante díadraganti diadraganton diadragantoun diadragantum diadragaunt diadrage diadragge diadragim diaffinicioun díaficícioun diafinicon diafragma diagalanga diagge diaȜinȜiber diagodion diagodioun Diagradium diagragantum diagrage diagredie diagridi diagridie Diagridium diagridiy diairis diairẏs dialange dialetica dialibanum dialtea Dialthea diam diamargariton diamargaritoun diambre diambrose Diameron diamintte Diamphnne diampnes Diana dianches dianisi dianison dianisum dianthos diantoniton dianysum diaolibano diaolibanum diapapanar diapapauar diapapauer diapapauere diapapaueris diapauer diapenidion diapenydion diaperetrum diapigamum diapiretron Diapiretrum diaprasium diaprassion diaprassioun diaprassium diaprunes diaprunis Diaprunys diapurnis díaquílon díaquíloun Diaradon abbatis diaria diariam Diarodon diarodon abbates diarodon abbatis diarodonabbatis diarorobrum diarorobum diarres Diarria diarris Diascorides diascorydes diasene Diaspermate diaspermaton diaspermatoun diaspoliton diasulphur diasulphure diateron diatessaron diatesseron diatrion Diatrionpiperion Diatrionpiperion diatrionpiperon diayris diaẏs diaysop diaysopo diaẏsopum diaẏsopus Dibra dic dicas dicat dicens dich diche dichis dicit dicitur dicta did didde diddest dide diden didest didíst //didiuersite die died dien Diet diete dieted dieten dieÞ diethe dietid dieting Dietinge dietinges dietyd dietyn dietyng Dietynge dietynges dietyngis difface diffamed diffames 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Discolor discolorata Discoloratam discoloring discolourd discolourde discolourid discolouryd discolurd discolurde disconueniens discorden discordene discordith díscracioun discraciouns discrased discrecio discrecioun discrecyon discrepat discret discrete discreteliche discretelie discretely discretly discriued discucienda discurringe Discusseth disdayn dise disease diseases diseassys dises disese disesed disesen diseses dísesing disesis disfygurde disgregat dishonurde disionite disiunccioun dislocacions dislocacioun díslocacíouns dislocat dislocate disma dismas Disnoicus dispaier dispar disparbolyd disparpelde disparplid dispeire dispense disperpelde disperpellid disperpled dispeyre displeseth displesiÞ dispoce dispocicionis dispocicioun dispocicioune dispociciounis dispocícíouns Disponi disponit Dispose disposed disposeÞ disposicion disposicions disposicioun disposid disposiÞ disposito disposycioun disposyd disposyng dispumed dispumyd dissche dissenteria Dissenterie Dissenterik 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dístíngued distinguit distinguyd distourblede distourblethe distreiȜe distresse distretely distreyed distreyen distribucioun distribute distrie distried distrien distrobled distroie distroien distroiethe distroiyng distroy distroyd distroye distroyed distroẏethe distroẏthe distruccioun distryed distum disturbacion disturblaunce disturbled disturblid distylle distynccioun disyoynt ditanndre ditaundre Ditayne ditein diteíne Diteyne dittaron ditteyn ditum diuers díuerse diuersed diuerselie diuersen diuerses diuersione diuersioun diuersis diuersíte diuersites diuersse diuersytee diuerte diuerteÞ diuet díuícíouns Diuide diuided diuideÞ díuídíd díuídith diuine diuise diuisions diuisioun diuisiouns diure diuretica diureticum diuyde diuydyth diuyse diyng diʒte diʒtes diʒteÞ diʒtinge do dobyl docet dock docke dockes doctours doctrina doctríne doctryne dodden dode doder dodere doeris doest doeÞ dogge doing doínge doínges doingis doist doiÞ doíÞe doke dokes dokke dokkeleues dokkes dolaures dolerous dolerouse dolet dolor dolore dolorem dolores dolour doloure doloures dolue doluen doluin doluyn dolyue domandis dombe dome domenẏe domestica domesticis domesticum domestioun domica domigrayn Domina dominacion dominacyon dominatur domini dominioun dominium domínye domyne don done doner dong Donge donged donging dongyng dongynge donicum donne donward doo doon doone doost Dooth doracus dore doreward dormentille dorsalis dorsday dost doste dotage dote doÞ doÞe doubel doubelde doubelfolde double doubleth doubul douctourys doudelyon dougeÞ doun doun riȜt doune dounewarde dounfallyng doung dounn dounright dounward dounwarde dout doute douten douteÞ [doutles] douʒ dovue doway dowbel dowble dowbyl dowdong dowe dowȜe down downe downn downward downys dowte dowted Dowuys doyne doyng doynge doynges doyst doyth dr-astis Dra-gaunce. draconis dradde draf draff drafty drag drag/\<ga>ant dragagannt dragagant dragagante dragagantí Dragagantum dragagate dragagaune dragagaunt dragagaunte dragage dragagi dragance Dragancia dragant Dragantum dragargante Dragaricea dragaunce dragaunde drage dragge dragges draggis dragma dragmas dragme dragmes dragmme dragon Dragons dragoun dragoune DRagouns dragun dram drame drames dramme drammes drammys drams dramys dranke drape drastes drasti drastis drastos drasty drastys draue drau Ȝt drauȜte drauʒt drauʒte drauʒtes draw drawe drawen drawene drawes drawest draweÞ drawethe drawíng drawinge drawiÞ drawt drawyn drawyng drawynge drawyth drayn drays dre drede dredeful dredefulle dreden dredes dredest dredeÞ dredfful dredful dredfulle dredist drediste dredyng dreed dregge dregges dreggis dreggys drei dreie dreienes dreienesse dreiÞ dremes dremyng dremynge drenche drenchyd drenke dreppynge dresse dressed dressen drestes drestis dresty drestẏs drewe dreẏ dreye dreyenesse driam dríe drie ñnesse dríed drien driene drienese dríenesse dríer driest dríeÞ driethe driȜe driȜed driȜen driȜenesse driȜt drinck drincke drinckyng drínesse dr[ink] drínke drinken 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dyatesseron dyatorye dyatrionpiperion dycastore dychynge dycke dyd dyde dye dyed dyen dyers dyet dyete dyeth dyethe Dyeting dyetyng dyffyculte dygestion dygestioun dygestyble dygestyon dygestyoun dyghte dy Ȝt dygystyoun dyiuerse dyke dylated dylle dẏlyuer dym dymme dymmesse dymmyn dymmyng dymmysh dymmyssh dymnes dymnesse dyne dynges dynkyt dynnesse Dyolibanum dyppe dypped dyrknes dyrte dysceyue dysciplis dyscoloryng dyscrecion dyscretly dyscyples dysease dyseasis dysfigured dysgregat dyslacion dysparblyd dyspocioun dysposyd dysposyscion dysposyssioun dyssauerd dyssease dysserne dẏssese dysseses dẏssesis dyssesyd dẏssesẏs dyssire dyssolue dyssolued dyssoluyd dyssoluyng dyssoluyt dyssoluyth dyssouantyfe dyssposicion dyssyre dystemper dystemperd dystemperyng dystempred dystempure dysteyne dystillacion dystreyen dystrobulance dystroy dystroyd dystroye dystroyed dystroyeth dystroyth dystyllacion dystyllyng dytanye dytayne dyteyn dyteẏne dytteyn dyue dyuelis dyuers dyuerse Dyuersed dyuersely 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Eglee Eglenter Eglopa ego egre egreggẏn egremonie egremony egre][monye] egremoy Egremoyne egressioun Egrimonie Egrimonye egritudine egrum Egrymoine Egrymome Egrymoy Egrymoyne ei eie eiectyng EieЗn eiȜe eiȜe ledis eiȜeledys eiȜen eight eightith eíȜte eiȜtene eiȜyn eiȜyr Eimidindi einnen eion Eir eíre eíren eiron eiryn eisdem eiÞer eiÞer whyle eiÞere eiÞerside eithir eiÞur eius eiyen eiýer eiʒe eiʒen eiʒte ek eke ekinges el<l>erne elaboracioun Elaccerio elacioun elacterium elboue elbow elbowe eld elde elder eldest eldrin eldron ele eleber elebori Elebo[r]us eleborus niger elebre Elebrum Elebur electarie electiue electorie Electrides electuare Electuaríe electuaries Electuaris Electuarium electuarye electuaryes electuarys electuchi electuctuarie electurium Elefantis Eleiteris element elementes elementis Elementt elementus elena elenacampana Elenelan Elenum eleocropia elephancia Elephancya elephantis Elepium elerne eles eleser Elettuarium eletuarijs eleuacioun eleuate eleuere elevat elicitur Elile elite Elitropia ell Ella elleborus ellebre ellebri Ellebur ellectuarie elleme ellen Elleren Ellern ellerne Ellerue ellerum elles elleuen elleuenÞe ellȜ Elli ellís ellis where elliswhere ellom ellren Ellybur ellys ellys where elm elme elmys Elonge Elren els elue elẏ Elycumpana elẏs Em em plaistris em/postume emachite emachitees emachites Emagoga emancipat emathite Emathites ematiches ematites ematíthes ember embers emblice Emblici emblicus emblikes embotum embrioun embrocaciouns embroce embrys Eme roides emendis emerandes emeraudes emeraudis emerawdes emerodes Emeroides emeroudes emeroudis emerowdes emeroydes emery emeryes emerys emigrayn emigraẏne Emigreine emínctori es Eminctorie eminctories eminence eminences eminent eminente emissioun Emitriceum Emitriceus emitriteus emlancoly Emma emmeroudes emmerowdis emoraidarum Emoraudes emoroda Emoroidas emoroides emorologie emorosogie Emoroydales Emoroydes emorroidis emourodes empericon emperike emperisticon Emperowrd Emperowre Empices empima emplaíster emplaisterd emplaísterde emplaísters emplaistre emplaster emplasterd emplasterde emplasterid emplasters Emplasterynge emplastratioun emplastre emplastred emplastres emplastrid emplastris emplastrum emplastrye emplastrynge emplasturyng emplentur Empostemmys empostum empostume empostumed empostumes Empostym empostyme empostymed empostymes Empostyms empplaisters empte empti emptid empty emrawdis Emrawdys emula emulus emunctories emẏgranis emẏgraẏne emynence en en genderid enabil enargale enarle enbawme enbeued enbeuen enbeuuyd enbewed enbewid enbracen encarcerate encarnatiues encarne encarned encarneÞ encarnyth ence encence encens encense encenʒ encere Enchaffyng enche enchesiains encheson enchesonde enchesons enchesoun enchesouns enclined enclose enclosethe Enclosid enclosyd enclude Encludith encluse enclyne enclyned enclynyng encor pered encorper encorperate encorperd encorperde encorpere encorpered encorpering Encorporacion Encorporat encorporate encorpore encorpored encreced encreesse encreessen encreessiÞ encreesyng encresce encresceÞ encrescyn encrescyth encresinge encressen encresseÞ encressyng encumberith end ende ended endelong Endemete endes endeÞ Endife endin endínge endis endith endiua Endiue Endiuia endouse enduced enducen enduceÞ enduchyng enducinge enducith endure endured enduren endureÞ endurethe endurid endurynge endyng endẏs endẏth Endyue Endyve ene Eneas enemy enemye enemyes enentisching eneye enfebelÞ enfeblisched enfeccion enfecte enfectes Enfecteth enfectith enfectyth enfermite enfeste enfilterd enfilterde enfirmite enfirmitees enfirmites enfistule enflammed enflaumith enflaumme enflawme enflawmeÞ Enforbe Enforbíum enforce enforceÞ enformed enforse enforsiÞ enforsyng enforsynge enfourme enfourmed enfourmeth enfuse enfused enfuseth engele engeliÞ engelyng engender engenderd engenderde engenderer engendereÞ engenderid engenderinge engenderith engenderiÞe engenderÞ engenderÞe engenderyd engendre engendred engendrede Engendreth engendrid engendrith engendrure engendryd engendryn engerde engerderde engered Englayme englemed englisch englissh englisshe englych englysse englysshe engredientes engrose engrossed engrossid enhaunce enie enis enke enkes enlace enlarge enlarged enlargen enlarges enlenene enmyne ennoied ennoies ennoye ennoyes ennoyeth ennoyis ennoynt Ennoynte ennoynted ennoynteth ennoynting ennoyntyng ennoys enoiled enoint enointe enointed enointes enointinge enon enonit enormes enounde enoynt enoynte enoynted enoyntes enoynting enoyntinge enoyntynge enplaister enplaisters enplanted enplaster enplasters Enplastre enplastris enplaunted enpostum enpostumacioun enpostumaciouns enpostume enpostumed enpostumes enpostum enpostumme enpostummes enpostumyng enpostumynge enprisounde enquere enquered enrawdys enrounde ensample ensaumpel enscressen enserche ensered ensisioun enspesse enspessed enspired enspireth enspise enspísse enspíssed enta entencíoun entenciouns entens entent entente enter enterde entere enteren enteringe enterith entermette entermetten enterne enters enterÞ enterÞe entir entitled entrailes entrales entrall entrayles entraylis entraylles entrayls entre entred entren entrene entret entrethe entriked entringe entrometten entryde entrẏng Enuerse enuersid enuironeÞ enuiroun enuirounes enuirouneth Enula Enulacampana enule enuye enuyous enuyroun enuyrowneÞ eny eny body eny Þing eny thynge enye enye Þing enye Þínge enyeÞing enyn enyoieth enys epacicum Epar Epate epatica epaticum epatik epatike epatis epatyk ephitime Epichimum Epiglotum Epilen epilencie Epilenciee Epilensye epilepsiam epithim epithima epithime Epithimum epithinium Epithium epithyme epityme ep<i>lencie epostume epyglotum epyglotus epythyme equabus equacioun equal equale equalis equalite equatte equina equinoxe equinus equiocus equípollent equis equiua equiualencia equiuocacioun equynoxe er er Þan er- eradicacioun erbe erbes erbeys erbís erbys erchen [e]rden Erdina Ere ereccioun ered ereither erely eren Eres eres.and ereward erewarde Ereyther Eriona eris Erisipila Erisipilades erit eriwhere erli erlich erliche erly erlyche erlyiche erne erpe erradicacioun erre erren erreÞ error errors errour erroure errours errurs Ers erse erth erÞe ErÞeȜalle erÞen erÞene erÞenne erthes erÞí erthin erthis erthẏ erthyn Eruca Eruce Eruginosa eruginosam erugo eryn Erynge erynn erys Es Es vste es-vste escape Escar escare eschape eschaped eschapen eschapeÞ eschaungeth eschewe eschewen eschewinge escíten ese eselẏ eselye esen esi esid esie esile esilich esiliche esily esilye esly Esorium esschewen esset est est. estate estímacíoun estíomenus estraunge estuus estward Estwynd estyuous esula esule esy esyd esye esyleche esyli esyliche esyly et etas etc ete eten eter Eterne eternite eternyte eters etet eteÞ er ethereum ethet ethice Ethiopp Ethymologies Etice etik etinge etiÞ ette etyck Etyckis etyk Etyke etyn etyng etynge etyt etyth euacuacíoun euacuaciouns euaporacioun euaporatiues euapore Eucatesma eue euearnẏÞ euel euele euell euelonge euels euelys euen eue[n] tyd euene euenelẏ euenly euenlye euensong euentacioun euenten euentid euentide euentyd euenyng euer euer more euer-yche euere euere more euerech euereche euerechone eueremore euerey eueri euerich euerich oon eueriche eueriche oon eueriche Þing euerichon euerichone eueríe euerly euermore euerose euersa euersa?/ euertendo euerwarm Euerwaru euery euery Þing euerych euerych oon eueryche euerycheon euerychone euerychoone eueryday euerydeel euerye euerye Þíng euerye Þínge eueryside euese euesong euet euete eueteid eueuery euffras eufobie euforbbe euforbe• euforbia euforbij euforbíum Eufrace Eufracẏ eufras eufrase Eufrasiam eufrasie Eufrodium EuȜimum euichone euídence euíl euintide euis Euisca euisci Euotoycy euoundinge eupatore Eupatorij Eupatorin eupatorirum Eupatorium euperisticon euperistion eusiforium euÞer Euula euydently euyl euyle euyll euyllis euyn euyn tyde euynnyng euyntid euyntide euyr evacuacioun eve evell even evene evenelẏ evenlẏ eventus evermore evyl evyll evyn ewe ewes ewis ex exage exalen exalith exantimata Exatricis exaumpyl excclentlẏ excede excedent excedes excedíng excedinge excedith excedyng excelent excellenlẏ excellens excellent excellente excellentlie excellentlye excepte excercences excercice excercysed excersences exces excesse excesses excessíue excessum excessus excessyue excitat excite exciten excíteÞ exclude excluded Excodicacioun excodicacyoun excoríacíoun excoriaciouns excoriate excoríatíue excrescences Excuse excused excyte excytyth execute exercise exibeantur exisialis exit exiten exitith exiture Exon expedient expel expelle expelled expellen expelles expelleÞ expellinge expelliÞ expellyd expence expense experíence experiens experient experiment experimentis expers expert experte experyence experyment explanacionis explantaciouns Explicit Expliciunt expme expowne expresed expresse expressed expulcíoun expulsif expulsioun expulsiue expulsorie expurged expurgen exsíccacíoun 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