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The Concordances to the Malaga Corpus of Late Middle English Scientific Prose

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The Concordances to the Málaga Corpus of Late Middle English Scientific Prose are generated from the Corpus with TexSEn and upgraded with the Concordance Manager. The Concordances are generated from the diplomatic editions of medieval manuscripts dealing with medicine, botany, pharmacopeia, etc., and belonging to the Hunter Collection of Glasgow University Library. The determination of the KWIC is not a straight-forward process as the blank space is not always a valid parameter of tokenization in such editions. There are strings of characters in a manuscript which must be split by the editor into two words or, otherwise, joined into one, as in <aman> and <to gedre>, respectively.

The aim of this on-line application which employs PHP language with MySQL database access, is to offer the scholars a specific field study which lends itself as a powerful tool in the linguistic research of Middle English morphology, syntax, lexis, punctuation, etc.

Main Features

The concordances are displayed in terms of the KWIC. The program applies a specific format/style to the data, when displayed on screen, so as to procure a clearer reading of the results. The main results are organized into five columns: a) -1 (the first preceding word); b) keyword (the word entry); c) +1 (the first following word); d) localization reference (page/folio, column and line); and e) manuscript reference.
The button at the leftmost position "+" allows the user to spread the context displayed by five items.


For the sake of successful reading and screen-visualization, concordances are generated with five words to the right and to the left of the keyword. If a larger context for the lemma is desired, it can be generated through TexSEn with the "Lemma-sorted KWIC concordance builder"; and if you wish to visualize the whole phrases, go to the list of lemmas and phrases.

When the selected KWIC has many registers, they are generated on a number of different pages, each one displaying a total of 200 registers. Below the bottom left corner of the table, navigation buttons are included to move through the different pages.

The layout of the table displayed on screen is the following. The keyword is offered in central position (in red), the keyword's pre-context in the cells to the left and the keyword's context in the ones on the right. Although the number of words in the pre- and post-context can be changed when generating the concordances, it is commonly kept the same. Finally, the text's reference is provided with the page (p italicized and in superscript) or folio (r or v italicized and in superscript) number and the line of the given paragraph.

By default, the results are always displayed according alphabetically by the keyword. However, they can be alphabetically sorted in terms of previous word (-1), following word (+1) or references by clicking on the icon () appearing on top of the aforementioned columns.

All the concordances of a given KWIC are displayed by selecting it from the list. The alphabetical order may sometimes be altered by the existence of blanks or (punctuation) symbols within the word. To avoid this, you are invited to consult Words and Phrases or the concordances generated in terms of lemmas.

The concordances of the symbols are included in a file/option apart.