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This website holds a repository of Middle English manuscripts dealing with Medicine, Botany and Pharmacopoeia, among others. The manuscripts belong to the Hunter Collection housed at Glasgow University Library (G.U.L.) and the Wellcome Collection at the Wellcome Library in London. The repository comprises the following manuscripts:

  • Hunter 95 (Latin Guy de Chauliac's Surgery; Book of Operation; Yuhanna Ibn Masawaih's Antidotary; Pharmacopoeia).
  • Hunter 104 (Translation of Palladius' Practise of Husbandry).
  • Hunter 185 (Flora Medica; Alphabetical List of Simples; Medical Notes; Medical Receipts).
  • Hunter 307 (System of Physic, Gynaecological Text; Alphabetical list of drugs).
  • Hunter 328 (Corbeil's Treatise on Urines; Alphabetical list of Remedies; Alphabetical list of Medicines).
  • Hunter 329 (Alphabetical Lists of Remedies).
  • Hunter 497 (Translation of Macer's Herbary).
  • Hunter 503 (De probatissima arte oculorum).
  • Hunter 509 (System of Physic).
  • Hunter 513 (De probatissima arte oculorum; Antidotary; Treatise on Zodiacal Influence; Treatise on the Signs of Death).
  • Hunter 92 (*) (Treatise on the Anatomy of the Eye).
  • Hunter 93 (*) (Medical Receipts).
  • Hunter 117 (*) (Medical Receipts).
  • Hunter 135 (*) (Incerti Avctoris, Medica Qvaedam; Incerti Avctoris, De Chirvrgia Libri IV; Incerti Avctoris, Medica Qvaedam; Magistri Johannis Arderne, Practica Chirvrgiae; Incerti Avctoris, Medica Qvaedam).
  • Wellcome 290 (Constantinus Africanus' Venerabilis Anatomia; Galen's Anatomy).
  • Wellcome 397 (Anatomia; Lanfranc of Milan's Chirurgia parva; Treatise of Powders, Pills and Electuaries; Qualities of Herbs).
  • Wellcome 404 (Leechbook Recipes).
  • Wellcome 405 (Leechbook Recipes).
  • Wellcome 409 (156 Recipes; The Doom of Urines; 150 Recipes; Herbal).
  • Wellcome 411 (On Lucky and Unlucky Days; Book on Nativite; Book of Astronomy; Cure of Biting).
  • Wellcome 537 (Practise of Sight of Urines, On the Changes of the Moon).
  • Wellcome 542 (Leech-Book).
  • Wellcome 564 (Mondeville's Chirurgia).
  • Wellcome 784 (A Treatise of Man's Urines).
  • Wellcome 799 (William de Congenis' Treatise of Surgery)
  • Wellcome 5262 (Medical Recipe Collection)
  • Wellcome 8004 (Astrological compendium; Physician's handbook)

Digitised Hunter Medieval manuscripts can be freely consulted along with their diplomatic transcription (note that those MSS marked above with (*) only provide the digitised images). User-friendly tools allow: a) to magnify the images, to search the occurrences of anyword and to check the transcribed text against the transcribed image; b) to view the KWIC concordances and the lemma-sorted KWIC ocurrences generated from the Corpus (with TexSEn); c) to retrieve morpho-syntantic information from the texts (TexSEn); d) to POS-tag Middle English texts (Middle English POS TAGGER); and e) to 'mark' dialectal features.

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